Colon irrigation

With our bodies having to endure toxins and impure substances in major douses, our bodies are struggling to perform at its intended levels.

The most affected part of our bodies due to high level of stress, little exercise and excessive drinking is the colon.

The colon or large intestine is responsible for filtering and collect fluid for the body. With this important organ blocked and dirty, the filtering and fluid intake into the body will be affected for the worst.

Colon Irrigation is the answer to the modern abuse that we force our bodies to endure.

The process can be professionally and safely done at our Heath Synergy detox and wellness centre.

The colon irrigation process involves a gentle cleansing and cleaning of the colon with luke warm water. The process will remove all blocked sections of your colon, allowing for better cleaning and a healthier body. Other benefits include a healthier and more stable bacterial and micro flora digestive system.

The benefits to the body after a colon irrigation sessions include the promotion of weight loss, improved energy levels and vitality, mental improvements and vigour to name but a few.

The colon irrigation will improve normal and regular bowel moments, allowing your body to rid itself of more toxins.

Other added benefits are that colon irrigation will assist in treating cellulite, bloating and abdominal pains, joint pains and headaches.

Give our team a call for an appointment if you feel that you need colon irrigation to clear your blocked and toxic intestines